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tac hands-on


available colours

Currently tacs are available in six great colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Grey. Other colours will follow.

Red tac Orange tac Yellow tac Green tac Blue tac


Gray tac with dimensions

For now, the tac is made of plastic, and available in one size. There are plans to produce tacs in other sizes, and made of different materials.

the tac story

It all began in 2013 while hanging the laundry using classical clothespins. Maybe you recognise this, when you grab several clothespins out of the bucket half of them are facing the wrong direction. Turning a clothespin while holding the laundry in your other hand is a clumsy operation which should be avoided. This is when the need for a double sided clip arose. Research showed that there were already a handful of double sided clothespins commercially available. The existing ones did not match our ideas of a double sided clip, a clip which should not only be used for hanging laundry.

During development of the tac we have set the bar high to come with a versatile new tool for you. The result is there: the tac is far more than a simple clip (just look at the examples, and gain experience yourself!).

The tac is an engineering marvel in the area of clips. It consist of one piece, is made of durable plastic and is easy in use.

Every household, every workplace, every school (etc.) deserves having tacs ready at hand for (temporarily) hanging or attaching objects, for organising cables, etc. On top of this the tac stimulates your creativity and logical thinking.

So, grab a tac!